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Explore the outdoors and experience the scenery and views that Shetland has to offer.  Whether travelling in groups, with children or on your own, there is an abundance of experiences for you to encounter in Shetland.  Hire a car with Jim’s Garage Ford and enjoy the freedom to travel at your own pace through our scenic and peaceful islands.

Encounter the wildlife, explore our beautiful shores and beaches or learn about our history.

Links to visit about Shetland

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Learn about Jarlshof Historical Settlement with remains dating from the Neolithic Era, Bronze age, Iron Age, Pictish period and Norse period- Click Here

Visit Mousa Broch and the Storm Petrels.  Mousa Broch is a brilliantly preserved Iron Age fortification in the Shetland Isles.  You do need a short boat trip to get to the Isle of Mousa – Click Here

Take a boat tour and enjoy some of the outstanding scenery our islands have to offer with:
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