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Shetland Fiddle Week

Shetland Fiddle Week offers a week of classes suitable for all abilities and hosts a various concerts and sessions through the week.

Rising North Music Festival

A group of local musicians created the festival with an aim of it being an annual event.  The festival is taking place over 3 days with the main event being at Clickimin Leisure Centre on the 17th of August.  The festival includes a host of outstanding local bands including First Foot Soldiers, Suppository Business, The […]

Shetland Accordion and Fiddle Festival

Islesburgh Community Centre King Harald Street, Lerwick, Shetland, United Kingdom

Approximately 60 invited musicians from out with Shetland, including Full Scottish Dance Bands, smaller groups and solo artistes form the basis of the festival. They are joined by approximately 180 local musicians performing individually or within groups and clubs. The festival is also attended by members of various Scottish traditional dance clubs and attracts traditional […]

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